Raw Feeding For Dogs & Cats

“What Your Dog Is Begging For!” The Safe & Easy Way To Switch Your Pet Onto A Raw Diet.

This 70 page training manual is a fully illustrated, quick and easy, step by step guide to transitioning your dog or cat, from a harmful processed pet food diet, to a natural, healthy and nutrient- rich diet of raw meaty bones, in the SAFEST and most successful way.

Written By: Nikki Brown, The UK’s Natural Dog Whisperer


Get fast and easy access to training videos so you can learn visually too!

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This Training Guide Is For You If Your Dog or Cat is:

  • Struggling with re-accruing health or behavioural problems
  • Costing you a small fortune at the vet
  • Constantly raiding the rubbish bin or scavenging food
  • Urinating or defecating in all the wrong places
  • Waking you up throughout the night
  • Suffering with bloat or excess gas
  • Destroying items around your home or garden
  • Trying to communicate to you with constant whimpering, howling, barking or meowing.
  • Showing aggression of any kind
  • Showing nervous or obsessive behaviours.
  • Jumps up constantly or causes a nuisance to you or others.

Well if  some of these challenges sound familiar then, you are not alone!

In fact there are millions of caring pet carers, just like you, asking themselves, “What am I doing wrong?” or, “Why won’t he/she listen to me?” or “How on earth am I going to afford these vet bills?”

The biggest underlying reason to why we are asking ourselves these questions is in fact, caused by the processed pet food we are pouring into their bowls on a daily basis.

Now before you say “That’s nonsense!” and switch off, let me ask you a very important question….

Have you ever thought about what actually goes into pet food and how it is manufactured? 

If your like most people, then probably not!
You see, when vets, dog trainers / breeders, pet shops and TV adverts all tell us their food is good for our pets, we naturally believe them – and why wouldn’t we?
They have our best friends interests at heart, don’t they?… 

Sadly, that’s just not the case! The fact of the matter is, if you actually looked through and understood the list of ingredients on the pet food labeling, you would be quite shocked at what really goes into these products and which vital ingredients they leave out!

My point is this… these ingredients are harmful to your pet and they can cause a huge amount of physical and psychological damage to them.

These ingredients would be harmful to us humans, and yet we unwittingly pour them into our pet’s bowl every single day of their lives!

It would be a bit like you consuming nothing but sugary breakfast cereal every day for the rest of your life – your physical & mental health would most certainly deteriorate, so its no wonder our pets are experiencing more health & behavioural issues than ever before.

When you have a minute, go and look for yourself at the back of your pet’s food packet and look at the long list of ingredients on there…

My Bet Is You Will Come Across Things Like:

  • Meat & Animal Derivatives – This is not human grade meat, it’s euthanised pet & zoo animals
  • Vegetable Derivatives – Non nutrient bulking agents like sawdust or ash
  • Cereals – which simply put means sugar, but is also wheat, maize & gluten
  • Additives, E-numbers, EC Preservatives – A whole host of nasty chemicals which you can hardly pronounce their names or have any understanding of what they are doing to our pets!

Our animal companions rely on us solely for their food, we have for the most taken away their natural hunting instincts by domesticating them into our homes.

Therefore, the most important  and valuable education you can receive is how to feed them properly.

And how do we do that?

Feed them their species appropriate diet that nature intended them to eat…

Yes, dogs & cats are carnivores, which means, they need to eat raw meat & raw bone every day in order to thrive!

They have been equipped with the perfect set of tools for the job. Sharp claws and teeth to rip into skin and flesh, and a powerful set of jaws to crunch through raw bone with ease!

Their digestive system is designed to break down raw bones and handle bacteria found in raw meats safely & effectively.

Just as a Kola Bear thrives on its species appropriate diet of eucalyptus leaves, your dog and cat will literally THRIVE & return to full balance, when you feed them their correct species appropriate diet!

Meet Annie; My Rescued Greyhound!

My study & research into pet diet & nutrition was really put to the test when my faithful, rescued, Greyhound, Annie, came into my life.

Annie was an ex-racer and let me tell you, she came with some serious health & behavioural problems as most of these track dogs sadly do.

Towards the end of her racing days, she had become extremely aggressive and anxious around humans, and she was suffering with severe mouth rot and tooth decay, pancreas, liver, kidney and intestine damage, poor joint and muscle health – she was not a well or happy doggy!

I took her to the vet to seek his opinion and his reaction was to administer very expensive drug treatment and mouth surgery, which would cost in the region of £3,000!

As well as not being able to afford that kind of money, I understood his advice was only going to treat the symptoms of Annie’s problems and wouldn’t actually treat the cause, so I knew there was a better way.

Through my own personal journey of naturally treating my own cancer, in my early 20’s, I had already learned how raw food plays a vital part to health and well-being and how certain foods are natural medicines.

I got to work straight away by transitioning Annie from a life of eating dry biscuit kibble, (which resembled cardboard), to give her what she really was “Begging For!”

The results in just 8 short weeks of her eating her new raw diet were quite incredible!


Annie’s health started to improve dramatically, her mouth problems completely cleared up, her muscles became free and more defined, and her coat became thick and glossy!

She stopped being fearful and angry and she developed this “sparkle” in her eyes that I hadn’t seen before!

And if that wasn’t good enough, my yearly pet food bill came down a staggering amount from £1,500 per year to just £580 per year!

No more costly vet bills, much cheaper pet food bills and a happy, healthy dog…

I knew I had to share what I had learnt with other pet parents, so more animals could experience this incredible transformation and lead healthier and happier lives.

I wanted to make things really simple for everyone though and produce a training guide that was easy to read and understand and give step by step instructions on how to make the switch from processed pet food to a raw natural carnivore diet in the safest and most effective way.

“What Your Dog Is Begging For!” The Safe & Easy Way To Switch Your Pet Onto A Raw Food Diet!

Easy When You Know How! Order Your Copy Now & Put Your Best Friend On The Road To A Long, Happy & Healthy Life, Free Of Disease & Vet Bills!

Many of the pet owners, who have been through this training, have reported some, if not all, of these benefits and improvements in their pet’s behaviour…

  • No more fear, nervousness or anxiety
  • No more aggressive outbursts
  • No more hyperactivity or lack of focus
  • No more obsession with toys or personal items
  • No more running away or pulling on the lead
  • No more destruction to the home and garden

Plus, research has proven that feeding your dog or cat a raw meaty bones diet, can help clear up the following health conditions:

  • Skin Allergies & Coat Issues
  • Ear & Eye Infections
  • Digestion and Defecation Issues
  • Urinary Tract & Anal Gland Issues
  • Auto-Immune & Nervous System Issues
  • Heart & Blood Disorders
  • Cancer, Epilepsy, Thyroid Issues
  • Arthritis, Joint & Muscle Pain
  • Flea & Worm Control

Check out what some of my customers who bought the manual said…

“Lottie, my 2 year old Labrador was overweight and unhappy!” 

“Searching for a solution, I ordered the manual & everything has changed for the better!

It is superbly written and made it very clear in a non-patronising way, how shocking the current dog food industry is!

I was appalled to say the least, but the manual also showed some incredible simple solutions that not only work extraordinarily well, but save you money.

Saying the word “diet” doesn’t do it justice though. It’s a new way of life of pure transformation! Within just a few days, I witnessed incredible changes and improvements to Lottie’s health & well-being.

Needless to say, she has not touched commercial dog food in 2 years and is one of the healthiest dogs around.

This fantastic manual has not only given Lottie a better lifestyle but it’s made myself and my family happier too and we can already see the benefits of long term savings on reduced food and vet bills!

Thank you so much, Nikki! You’ve transformed Lottie’s life for the better!

James Farina.
Bristol UK.

“In Spite of regular trips to the Vet, Bella’s skin problems were getting worse!!”

“These pictures were taken around the time I telephoned you for advice on what to do!

Our dear girl was going crazy, itching & scratching herself & chewing at her paws and crying with the pain of it all!

Your manual advised me to throw all that expensive top of the range kibble away and feed her a raw natural diet and just look at the incredible transformation in our dear Bella.

It was just amazing how quickly she got better and there have been NO more skin problems and NO more regular and costly visits to the vets.”

“Thank-You Nikki, we can’t begin to thank you enough for providing us with this really valuable education!”

Ken Abell
Staffordshire UK.

“I noticed that the ingredients that go into pet food seemed to make Ninja very hyperactive & he wouldn’t focus on his training or listen to my commands!”

“I had been searching for some trustworthy information on pet feeding and came across the What Your Dog is Begging For! training manual. 

This fantastic and easy to read guide answered all the questions I had and gave me the extra confidence I was looking for to change Ninja’s diet.

After a few weeks of following the program, Ninja’s hyperactive behaviour seemed to disappear and his responsiveness to commands improved significantly.

Since I have changed Ninja’s diet, my friends have also noticed his behaviour has improved and how healthy his coat looks! I can say Nikki really knows her stuff and I would put my trust in her with any of my animals.”

Dan Moore
Reading UK.

“Kia, our rescued Border Collie, transformed from a hyperactive & aggressive mess, to a calm, balanced and well behaved pet!”

“It was after Kia had attacked the washing machine and bitten my father, that we contacted Nikki for help!” 
“I would definitely recommend her diet & nutrition training manual “What your Dog is Begging For!” to anybody who is serious about the health and general well-being of their dog.”
“After following this program, we changed our dog’s diet completely and put him on natural diet that nature intended him to eat.”
“We have had so many comments about how much he’s changed. He is so loving and so much calmer. After a few weeks on the diet, we could see the difference and his coat is a beautiful & glossy and his teeth are so white and healthy now!”
“The new diet has most certainly saved us money on food bills and less trips to the vet.”

“I can’t thank Nikki enough for her valuable help and advice!”

Debbie Jones 
Littleover UK.

So as you can see, there are a whole range of benefits to making the diet switch for your pet… and what’s more, feeding your pet as nature intended, will save you a fortune on the cost of pet products that do more harm than good.


What Your Dog Is Begging For! – The Safe & Easy Way To Switch Your Pet Onto A Raw Food Diet! 
Written by Nikki Brown – The UK’s Natural Dog Whisperer
Get The Complete Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition Training Manual 
Including BONUS Video Training Links

What You Can Learn From Studying This Manual:

  • How to safely and successfully transition your dog and cat onto a raw food diet
  • The truth about processed pet food and why it can be detrimental to your pet’s overall health and well-being
  • Why our domesticated dogs and cats thrive on their species appropriate diet
  • How to prevent and solve both health and behavioural problems through the correct nutrition
  • The necessary steps to take to prepare your pet’s digestive system before making the switch to raw foods
  • Which raw foods to feed in the first two weeks of the new diet
  • Which raw foods to introduce when your pet’s digestive system is ready, how much and how often
  • The changes you will notice in your pet throughout the switch and how to monitor these
  • The benefits both you and your pet will notice when making the switch onto raw foods
  • Where to buy, how to handle and store raw foods
  • Trouble shoot potential problems with fussy eaters
  • How to feed pregnant or nursing mums and pups the raw food diet
  • How to make vast savings on your lifetime pet care bills
  • Real life case studies and client testimonials to inspire you
  • Natural Dog Whispering tips and advice
  • Training video links for extra visual learning


Get fast and easy access to training videos so you can learn visually too!

You can purchase the book in PDF Format which you can download straight away into your inbox.
Please check your  email inbox or spam folder incase the link to the download is sent there.
You can also order the training manual in full colour printed format for just £49.99+p&p which is beautifully bound so you can have the guide handy for when your pet is going through the diet switch.

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I’m Extending To You A 60 Day Money Back Guarantee To Evaluate My Training Manual!!

If What Your Dog is Begging For! is unsuccessful in providing you with the sufficient amount of practical information to successfully transition and start your dog on a raw food diet, just send me an email and I shall immediately give you your money back. No explanations needed and nothing to send back!

You Get To Keep Your copy At NO RISK!

See what The Experts Say About What Your Dog Is Begging For!

“At Last! A Manual that doesn’t hold back anything!”

“Nikki really hasn’t held back here on her knowledge and understanding of nutrition for animals. “What Your Dog is Begging For!” is the ultimate guide to reclaiming your pet’s health with helpful tips and FAQ’s along the way. The entire book is refreshing, educational and an absolute pleasure to read.”

Kevin Raison.
Head Coach at KickStart Bootcamp. West Midlands UK.

“Every owner of a DOG (or CAT) should read this Manual!”

“I read What Your Dog Is Begging For! in one gulp and was gripped throughout – it was a revelation to me.

I learnt about a new and exciting health plan for dogs (and cats) and it is so obvious it hurts.

We can learn from this book regards us humans and how much we still have to educate ourselves about our diet and spiritual growth. I think it is wonderful how Nikki has blended the two together and it’s basically one animal looking after another.

Every dog owner in the country should have this book in their library – it’s what your dog is begging for!”.

Simon W. Golding Director of Scriptura UK
(Journalist, Novelist and Scriptwriter).

“If you feed raw, or want to, you need to read this!”

“I think that this manual is an absolute must for all pet owners…

Nikki uses simple, no nonsense language and her passion and enthusiasm leaps out from the page. Quite simply I have been inspired by Nikki & her training manual!

It contains sensible and valid advice and information about food packaging, labelling and probably most importantly how to get started. Nikki talks the reader through the whole process even troubleshooting potential problems and just left me feeling inspired.

I feed both my dogs on raw food and I feel confident to stand my ground when talking to my vet about raw feeding. It’s even a really interesting & informative read and I use it as my dog food bible!”

Kathy Wright.
Canine Massage Therapist UK.

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