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It was when I adopted my Turkish Kanal Dog, Ajay, that I started looking into the best possible diet and nutrition for dogs. Ajay had been found starved and almost giving up at the side of the road by friends in Bulgaria.

I gave up all kibble and switched to a full raw meaty bones diet for all my dogs (I have 6 dogs altogether) and I began adding Natural Pet Vitality into their diet daily.

I can honestly say that the changes were fast and remarkable. Less drinking, less garden mess, the dogs’ own smell was like pure fresh air and their oral hygiene improved greatly. Their teeth are now sparkly white and the gums incredibly healthy. Their coats literally sparkle and costly visits to the vet are a thing of the past!

Ajay BeforeAjay After NFV.

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You can see from Ajay’s before and after shots at his incredible transformation and how healthy and full of vitality he is now.

Natural Pet Vitality is easy to use and totally worth every penny! In my experience, therefore, I can say hand on heart that a raw meat diet combined with Natural Pet Vitality is the absolute best you can offer your doggy best friend.

The results for my dogs have been so positive that I have now started to use the human Fulvic supplement Vita-min-zyme myself!

My energy levels have increased dramatically and I haven’t had any muscular pains or a even a minor cold since using it and now Natural Fulvic Vitality is a regular part of my daily diet too!

Valerie Rykens. Belguim.


This is Marvin, in addition to his marked improvement in behaviour I was amazed at the difference the Natural Pet Vitality made to his health and appearance.

My other dog Mitty had really bad breath which cleared up in a day and has noticed how shiny their coats are.

Sarah. Bocking, Essex.

Bella, my golden Retriever had a cyst on her the pupil of her eye since she was two. She jumped up on the bed today and I looked in her eyes. Today I did not see the Cyst so I took a flashlight to it and still no cyst!

Bella BeforeBella After NFV.

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It’s only been five days on the Natural Pet Vitality and things are changing for all my animals! I so love you, your compassion and all else in between, we can’t thank you enough.

Terry Fellepa. USA.


After seeing the remarkable changes in my dog, Benjie, after just a few days of being on the Natural Pet Vitality (more energy, more relaxed and even happier than usual) I want to start my cats on it too!

Liz. Scotland.


So proud of River. I have been fostering him since September when his owner had to move into a woman’s refuge. River suffered with severe fear aggression.

He couldn’t make eye contact and would go from calm to red zone really quickly. I added Natural Pet Vitality to his diet at the end of November and I noticed a marked improvement.

In February I ran out of the NVP, so as an experiment decided to see how it would affect him to not have it. Within a week he was more anxious and reactionary to the postman and delivery people. It took about 10 days back on Natural pet Vitality to get him to a calmer level.

Yesterday he met and played ball with a friends adult son who has a learning disability. He will soon be returning to his female owner and I am really going to miss him but so happy I have been able to help him with this fantastic product!

Gary Notley. Essex.


Our Dog Reggie suffered with a long term limping problem so for the last 4 years we have been giving him Metacam to help with the pain but we were worried about the long term side effects of this drug.

We really wanted a natural alternative so we introduced Natural Pet Vitality into his diet 4 weeks ago and we are really pleased with the results!

We have taken Reggie off the Metacam completely and he now only limps occasionally on a long walk.

Marie Yates. Birmingham.

Supplement results may vary from animal to animal and cannot be guaranteed. With great track record and lots of happy customers, we hope you will also be happy with your animals result.

I’m glad I waited a couple more weeks before writing to let you know how Jinny is getting on with the fulvic acid supplement.

Within 3 days of her being on it, we noticed a dramatic improvement in her coat. Since finishing work on the farm 18 months ago her coat has been in an appalling state – falling out in clumps, scurfy and dusty.

She came in from a walk with Tim 3 days after starting on NPV and I asked him if he’s groomed her whilst on the walk because she looked like a different dog walking in! Her coat is sleek and clean again.

She is still moulting a bit, but in a much more natural manner! And I though that was going to be it, as for a couple of weeks nothing else changed… but then we got to this last week.

When I spoke to you about her and you suggested NPV, I’d told you that I thought she was going senile. She just wasn’t herself – she looked lost and confused a lot and didn’t seem to be enjoying her walks/play time.

But this week has been great – she has been running again, and playing and chasing with my other dog Juice. It has been such a pleasure to see her leaping through the wheat fields and barking at us!

I am looking forward to seeing how she changes over the next few months – we will certainly be keeping her on the NPV and not going back to any of the multitude of other supplements/medications we have tried over the last year.

Written by Bea Boyle: McTimony Animal Chiropractor, Kent.


Barney is a 6 year old Golden Retriever. He was a fearful & quite unhappy dog, so we changed his diet from standard dry dog food to the raw meaty bones diet, supplemented with the Natural Pet Vitality.

Very quickly I saw a change in Barney, he became less stressed and appeared to be feeling much better in himself and more playful & happy. I also noticed his coat became glossy and less greasy to touch. His eyes are brighter and sparkle with health.

I have been using the Natural Pet Vitality for 18 months now and looking at pictures from before and how he looks now, the difference is wonderful. I have had a lot of people commenting on his coat and how healthy he looks and how he looks like a large puppy.

Barney BeforeBarney After NFV

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I have also used it in a paste form by adding a drop of water to the powder and applied it to his tail when he developed a sore. I was amazed by the way that it cleared up within days. It was great to see and no expensive visit to the vets! I was even happier knowing that Barney had been “cured” in a natural way, rather than being treated with chemicals or drugs, which may do him more harm.

On a personal note, I have used it also in a paste form on the odd spot that I have had on my face, and it really is amazing – the spot goes away in a couple of days.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for this amazing and miracle product!

Lyn Thompson & a happy healthy Barney X


These pictures were taken around the time I telephoned you for advice on what to do, since in spite of our regular visits to the vet’s Bella’s skin problems were getting worse.

Bella was going crazy, chewing at her paws and crying with the pain of it all. You told me to throw all that expensive top of the range kibble away and feed them raw natural foods supplemented with Natural Pet Vitality Fulvic Acid Minerals and just look at the transformation in around 2 months!

Bella BeforeBella After NFV

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It was just amazing how quickly she got better and there have been NO more skin problems and NO more regular and costly visits to the vets.

Thank-You Nikki, we can’t begin to thank you enough for providing us with this really valuable education!

Ken Abell. Staffordshire.


Meet Falcor the bearded Dragon. In general he is a lot happier. His skin coloring has improved and I’ve noticed he sheds easier.

He is more active when out of his vivarium and as you can see from the pic he is now a smiling happy Dragon.

Jo. Reading.


We started our rescue Border Collie, Kai, on Fulvic Acid just a few weeks after his arrival. He was approaching his first birthday when we got him; he had been badly treated and was a nervous wreck. He was aggressive and, at one stage, we thought we were going to have to return him to the rescue centre.

However, after consulting with Nikki Brown, the dog whisperer, we changed Kai’s diet to a natural one and supplemented it with daily doses of Fulvic Acid. The change in our dog has been almost miraculous. A year on, he is such a calm and loving pet. People comment on his beautiful shiny coat, his white teeth and his general good behaviour. He simply loves life and is everything you could want from a family pet and the bonus is, he is an absolute picture of health!

Debbie Jones. Derby.


I have to confess I never even thought about Natural Pet Vitality for fear/anxiety etc but I now realise that this will be the reason why my lovely cat Suzy who was always so very anxious (she had a bad start in life) is sooooo relaxed now!
She would always run away when anyone knocked at the door or heard loud noises. Since being on NPV she still hides when someone comes into the house but comes out much more quickly and isn’t all wide eyed and anxious making sure they have gone.
We’ve had building work being carried out for two weeks and this involved lots of loud noise and workmen at the windows and she has been totally unfazed… She is 19 years old and looks much younger now and has a wonderful appetite, thanks to NPV she will be with us for a long while yet.

Benjy and Molly are doing really well on it as well, so thanks for such a great product!

Liz. Scotland.

Supplement results may vary from animal to animal and cannot be guaranteed. With great track record and lots of happy customers, we hope you will also be happy with your animals result.

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Certified to the HIGHEST STANDARDS, USDA ORGANIC and is FDA Approved*


Your Natural Pet Vitality Questions

How Is Natural Pet Vitality Taken?

We can supply fulvic acid for all your animals in powder form which you can add easily to your animals daily feed routine. Do not add to heated food as heat will destroy the elements of this product and it will not be as effective.

Supplementing BEFORE food will encourage the digestive enzymes to work before food enters the digestive system.

Dosage For Dogs & Cats: Can be added to pets regular food or for BEST results, mix the required amount with a few drops of bottled water and then add one beaten raw egg and serve 5 mins before feeding your pet’s meal.

• Toy Dogs/ Puppies/Kittens: 1/4 Level Teaspoon.
• Small Dogs & Cats: 1/2 Level Teaspoon.
• Medium Dog Breeds: 3/4 Level Teaspoon.
• Large Dogs: 1 Level Teaspoon.

Dosage For Small Pet Mammals: Rats, Mice Guinea Pigs, Rabbits & Ferrets: Add 1/2 level teaspoon added to feed as required.

Dosage For Birds: Add 1/4 teaspoon into the bird’s feed or water supply as often as is needed.

Dosage For Horses & Ponies: The 700gm and 1KG tubs come with a 25ml measuring scoop.

Small Horses & Ponies: 2 level scoops added to daily feed.

Large Horses: 3 level scoops added to daily feed.

Dosage For Farm Animals: Pigs, Sheep, Goats, Cows: 3 Level Scoops added to daily feed.

What ingredients are in Natural Pet Vitality?

The Formula Contains: Fulvic acid; digestive enzymes; probiotics; trace mineral electrolytes; brewers yeast; bakers yeast; Ash: 85.7%; Moisture: 7.4%; Fibre: 4.2%; Protein: 0.5%; Oil 0.4%.

Ingredients: Silicon Dioxide, kaolin, fulvic acid, dried yeast, (dried bakers yeast, dried brewers yeast), enzyme mix (fungal protease, acid protease, gluco amylase, lipase, cellulase, lactase, maltase, invertase), probiotic mix: (B.bifidium, Binfantis, Blongum, Efaecium, Lcasei, Lbulgaricus, L.plantarum, L.rhamnosus, Sthermophilus).

How long does delivery take?

Delivery times will depend on where you live but please expect 3- 7 days for UK shipping times and 5-14 days for International Deliveries. UK & International shipping rates are calculated at checkout.


If you have any more questions regarding our Fulvic Acid products please contact Nikki The Canine Angel here.

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Certified to the HIGHEST STANDARDS, USDA ORGANIC and is FDA Approved*


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