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Since the beginning of time, Horses have been used to perform tasks for humans which are way beyond their own capability. Because of this, we have developed a deep bond of love and dependency on these stunning creatures.

Back in the ‘old days’, before the motor engine was invented, “Horse Power” was used to plough the farmer’s fields and pull carts to transport heavy loads and passengers across long and short distances.

In current day society, we still use horses for a wide range of tasks such as: Search and rescue, police and military efforts, and for entertainment and business purposes in the racing and show industry.

Horses also play a huge part in the health and function of our planet’s eco system, as they help to add vital nutrients back into our top soils through their waste elimination.

However, through intensive farming practices, much of the feed that enters the horse is now loaded with chemical pesticides and herbicides, which not only have a detrimental effect on the animal but are being eliminated back into our soils and waterways, helping to poison the horses and our planet even more.

The effect of these pesticides largely contribute to weakening the horses’ immune system, resulting in a deterioration of the horses’ health. This means it is highly probable the horse will contract parasites, infections, allergies and injuries; all of which are costing the horse enthusiast money, time and effort to try and resolve.

An awareness of the harmful side effects of some medications administered to horses by agriculturalists is paramount, as they can create secondary disease in the horses’ system and get passed on through the waste elimination of the animal and end up in our water and soils.

So….. how can we help solve these issues?

Equine enthusiasts who have trailed our special Fulvic Minerals Formula, have reported significant benefits to their horse’s health and well-being, as well as noting that the quality of their stable and surrounding environments have improved.

From a business and profitable point of view, they reported that their yearly feed and veterinary costs significantly reduced by 25%. This means that profits were up and that they actually saved on yearly care costs by using our product and it wasn’t just an additional expense.

There are many other benefits other than saving money when our unique Fulvic Minerals formula is added to the horses’ daily feed regime. These are listed below:

Equine Enthusiasts who trialled our product, reported the following benefits…



  • Immune system
  • Overall health
  • Digestion
  • Joint health
  • Muscle Definition
  • Bone and Mineral Density
  • Coat health (glossier, thicker)
  • Hoof Health
  • Electrolyte balance & detoxification
  • Mental alertness
  • Mood and behaviour


  • Bleeding
  • Lactic acid build up
  • Negative moods & behaviour
  • Amount of waste
  • Odour of Waste
  • Bothersome flies
  • Parasites & worms
  • Diseases
  • Veterinary visits
  • Cleaning costs
  • Clipping costs

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As you can read from the following field trial results, our equines all became super healthy and their owners remarked at how much money was saved on their yearly care costs for each animals.

Profits were also raised significantly, meaning that our equine formula is an investment rather than just an additional cost.

 Field Trial Results:

Our formula was trialled by a Veterinarian at a horse farm in Hondo, New Mexico.

The supplement was added to feed for eight studs in the stud barn.

Six were turned out during the day and two were left in the stalls throughout the day. At night, all eight studs were placed inside the barn with the gates closed.

Before treatment, flies and odour were always a problem during the summer months, especially with temperatures reaching the high 90’s and even higher with humidity.

Within just 3-4 days of using the formula, the flies began gathering outside the barn-not inside-and the flies and odour decreased by 80%.

During breeding season and before using the supplement, the studs were hard to handle and aggressive due to the flies, odour, heat and humidity. After just one week of using the supplement, the studs were easy to handle, more attentive and easier to breed.

They did not experience outside stress whilst doing their job.

After breeding season, we continued to add the supplement to the stud’s feed and was able to maintain them using 25% less grain than the previous year when they consumed more feed and numerous supplements. They also suffered with fewer upper- respiratory infections and fewer mild colic.

We also used the supplement on ten year old yearlings going to sale. The results were similar to those we had with the studs.

The costs to prepare the yearlings for sale decreased from the year before and we realised better results. Conditions of the animals, combined with the lower maintenance and feeding costs, translated into increased profits for the ranch.

Horse Trial 2:

Initial observation of test animal:

  • Fifteen-year-old bred mare
  • 300-500 pounds underweight
  • Body condition extremely poor
  • Very low energy
  • Extremely undernourished
  • Flies very bothersome

Procedure followed:

  • Re-homed Mare for test and bought her to our ranch in Texas
  • First week: Mare was given 14% protein horse feed and coastal hay for a week
  • Second week: The mare was put on the formula along with a change to 11% protein horse and mule feed with coastal hay.


  • After five days on the formula, the fly population had dramatically reduced by 90%! The odour around the stall where the mare ate and defecated was virtually gone! It was also noted that after the first week several manure piles had dead Parasearis Equorum in them.
  • During the first week, it was observed that the mare moved very slowly around the five acre trap and would only walk to the feeding stall. At the end of the second week, it was observed that the mare was now trotting to the stall to feed, whenever called. After the third week, the mare was running to the stall to be fed.
  • With the mare being bred, there was some concern whether she would live through foaling or if she could produce enough milk if she had the foal.
  • The Mare gave birth to twins, one of which was born dead. the remaining foal, although very small, became very energetic after only a couple of days.
  • During the months of lactation, the mare showed to produce an ample supply of milk for the foal.
  • The mare also continued to gain weight so was put on a diet and her feed was cut by 25% to maintain good body condition and milk production.


This test period was run over 15 months and in that time frame, no medications, antibiotics, wormers, fly sprays or fly wipes were used! Body condition, health, and energy levels were very good on both animals at the end of the test.

  Equine Trial Results 3:

I have been using your product on my horses for almost a year now, and I have been noticing many great results from their use.

The first thing I noticed was that the horses were easier to work with due to the calmness that a well balanced diet brings.

The “downtime” after a hard day of work of team roping is virtually minimal to none.
The horses seem to stay in good health and without problems.

Another thing I noticed was the lack of worms in the digestive tract. I have not wormed any horses for just under a year and fecal test have shown that none of them have had worms in this time frame.

There are no bothersome flies around the horses’ bodies or heads and none exist in the fecal matter or in their stalls.
The odour in the stalls is very minimal and not at all unpleasant.

What I have noticed in my roping horse, and I especially like this, is that his whole body seems to heal its self faster after a hard day, he is prone to acquiring fluid on his left stifle, and until I started him on the feed additive, it would not clear up for a few days to a week.

Now he normally clears up in an evening to a day later. His body is strong and weight maintained for maximum output and performance.

Thank- you, MLH Fredericksburg, Texas


Frequently Asked Questions:

What does our formula contain? 

The Formula Contains: Fulvic acid Minerals; digestive enzymes; pro-biotics; trace mineral electrolytes; brewers yeast; bakers yeast; Ash: 85.7%; Moisture: 7.4%; Fibre: 4.2%; Protein: 0.5%; Oil 0.4%.

11kg sack

Ingredients: Silicon Dioxide, kaolin, fulvic acid, dried yeast, (dried bakers yeast, dried brewers yeast), enzyme mix (fungal protease, acid protease, gluco amylase, lipase,  cellulase, lactase, maltase, invertase), probiotic mix: (B.bifidium, Binfantis, Blongum, Efaecium, Lcasei, Lbulgaricus, L.plantarum, L.rhamnosus, Sthermophilus).

How much and how often to administer the formula?

Add appropriate amount of The Livestock Answer to dry feed as per chart below, and mix well. To each 200lbs (907.2kg) of dry feed add…

For Equine:

Mares, Breeding, Maintenance………………………    2.5lbs (1.1kg)

We suggest the following as a guideline for horses, you may like to increase or decrease the amount for the size of horse or pony you are administering to.

25ml scoop = 10gm of powder

We suggest to add between 8gms -15gms of our formula per horse, per day into their daily feed depending on their weight and how much they eat per day or what conditions they are being treated for as they may need a little more if they have chronic ongoing conditions. Please contact us if you need help.

We offer several pack sizes of the Natural Pet Vitality as seen below which can be found in our online store for purchase:

Based on 10gms of our formula per day for one horse: 

300gm – One month supply for one horse

500gm – 50 days supply for one horse

700gm –  70 days supply for one horse

1kg        –  100 days for one horse

11kg sack – we suggest this size if you are using on many horses at once. Please contact us for a price list on the sack and quote for how long the product may take to deliver to you.

If you wish to set up a trade account then please contact us.

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Can my horse continue its veterinary treatment whilst on the formula? 

Yes because our formula contains natural components found in nature, we advise it is safe to continue to use alongside other products and medications, though if you are unsure or would like further advice then please contact us.

Can this product be used as a Natural Worming product? 

Yes! Through our field trial studies and continual use from our customers, it has been reported that all fecal counts came back clear whilst they were on our formula.

Can the product be used externally for skin issues or wounds?

Yes! It is highly effective for all kinds of skin irritations, allergies, wounds, cuts or burns. We advise to use the powder dry on the skin or it can be mixed with a little water to make a paste if it is going over a large area. Just use a clean brush and circular motions to work into the skin. Use as often as needed until symptoms disappear.

Are there any reported side effects when using this product? 

We cannot guarantee results of our formula, but over the past decade in which we have been using our formula on all kinds of animals, we have never received any reports of adverse side effects. We do however receive lots of wonderful and positive feedback from our customers, who are overjoyed at how our formula is helping their animals to regain health and vitality.

How do I order for horses?

You can purchase the buckets and bags from our online shop, but if you wish to receive a price list for the 11kg sack or wish to open a trade account then please use the contact form below describing how many horses you have and any conditions they may have in which you are treating already.

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