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Discover The Number One Secret Behind The Happiest, Healthiest & Most Well-Behaved Dogs & Cats In The World!!!

I wrote “What your Dog is Begging For! so I could provide you with the most up to date and detailed training in Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition for Dogs & Cats!

My training manual is written in clear and NO nonsense dialogue which I have made really simple to understand & follow!
...AND I have fully illustrated the manual with amazing photos & ADDED in my BONUS VIDEO TRAINING LINKS, so you can learn visually too!

My clients & customers, who have been through this training, have reported some, if not all, of these benefits and improvements in their pet’s behaviour…

  • No more fear, nervousness or anxiety
  • No more aggressive outbursts
  • No more hyperactivity or lack of focus
  • No more obsession with toys or personal items
  • No more running away or pulling on the lead
  • No more destruction to the home and garden

Plus, research has proven that feeding your dog or cat their species appropriate diet, can help clear up the following health conditions:

  • Skin Allergies & Coat Issues
  • Ear & Eye Infections
  • Digestion and Defecation Issues
  • Urinary Tract & Anal Gland Issues
  • Auto-Immune & Nervous System Issues
  • Heart & Blood Disorders
  • Cancer, Epilepsy, Thyroid Issues
  • Arthritis, Joint & Muscle Pain
  • Flea & Worm Control

In The Training Manual You’re Going To Learn:

  • What ingredients go into processed pet foods and why these ingredients can be harmful to your pet
  • Which vital & natural nutrients are left out of processed pet food
  • The common lies & myths about how, if you feed your pet raw meats & raw bones are dangerous for your pet
  • The common lies & myths about how, if you feed your pet raw meats & raw bones aThe 2 vital steps to take before making any changes to your pet’s diet
  • Step by step guidance to transitioning your pet onto raw foods
  • Visual guidance with access to my special video training links
  • How to source, store and handle raw meaty bones safely
  • How to monitor your pet through its dietary changes
  • Why it is important to administer Natural Pet Vitality into to your pet’s daily diet
  • How to prevent and treat disease & extend your pet’s lifespan considerably
  • How to improve all areas of health and behaviour with raw foods
  • How by changing your pet’s diet, training will become much easier
  • How to save money on lifetime pet care bills
  • How to become so confident with raw feeding that you will be able to help others


Customer Testimonials

“I noticed that the ingredients that go into pet food seemed to make Ninja very hyperactive & he wouldn’t focus on his training or listen to my commands!”
“I had been searching for some trustworthy information on pet feeding and came across the What Your Dog is Begging For! training manual. This fantastic and easy to read guide answered all the questions I had and gave me the extra confidence I was looking for to change Ninja’s diet.
“After a few weeks of following the program, Ninja’s hyperactive behaviour seemed to disappear and his responsiveness to commands improved significantly!”
“Since I have changed Ninja’s diet, my friends have also noticed his behaviour has improved and how healthy his coat looks! I can say Nikki really knows her stuff and I would put my trust in her with any of my animals.”
Dan Moore.
Reading. UK.

“Kia, our rescued Border Collie, transformed from a hyperactive & aggressive mess, to a calm, balanced and well behaved pet!”
“It was after Kia had attacked the washing machine and bitten my father, that we contacted Nikki for help!” “I would definitely recommend her diet & nutrition training manual “What your Dog is Begging For!” to anybody who is serious about the health and general well-being of their dog.”
“After following this program, we changed our dog’s diet completely and put him on natural diet that nature intended him to eat.”

“We have had so many comments about how much he’s changed. He is so loving and so much calmer. After a few weeks on the diet, we could see the difference and his coat is a beautiful & glossy and his teeth are so white and healthy now!” “The new diet has most certainly saved us money on food bills and less trips to the vet.”

“I can’t thank Nikki enough for her valuable help and advice!”
Debbie Jones.
Littleover. UK.

“Lottie, my 2 year old Labrador was overweight and unhappy!”
Searching for a solution,I ordered the manual & everything has changed for the better!” “It is superbly written and made it very clear in a non-patronising way, how shocking the current dog food industry is!” “I was appalled to say the least, but the manual also showed some incredible simple solutions that not only work extraordinarily well, but save you money.”
“Saying the word “diet” doesn’t do it justice though. It’s a new way of life of pure transformation!” “Within just a few days, I witnessed incredible changes and improvements to Lottie’s health & well-being.”

“Needless to say, she has not touched commercial dog food in 2 years and is one of the healthiest dogs around.” “This fantastic manual has not only given Lottie a better lifestyle but it’s made myself and my family happier too and we can already see the benefits of long term savings on reduced food and vet bills!”

“Thank you so much, Nikki! You’ve transformed Lottie’s life for the better!!”

James Farina.
Bristol. UK.

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