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Certified to the HIGHEST STANDARDS, USDA ORGANIC and is FDA Approved*

Would You Like Your Pet To Be Naturally Healthy Without Ever Having To See The Vet And Spending Hundreds or Even Thousands on Dangerous Medication?

Natural Pet Vitality is an exciting new high-grade animal supplement, which has shown in tests to clear skin conditions, vanish cysts, and detox your animal in line with vet medication, with no side effects.

Natural Fulvic Vitality Range
Fulvic Acid, Known As The Elixir Of Life, A Natural Powerful Antioxidant, Considered One Of The Most Potent Anti-Viral Substances Available Today.

If your pet has poor health including conditions such as:

  • Digestion problems
  • Dry skin & irritations
  • Allergies
  • Immune & nervous system problems
  • Joint and movement problems

Ultimately in most cases this is the result of a mineral deficiency, but there is good news, these conditions can be reversed by replenishing vital cells, naturally!

Keep reading, to learn more about Fulvic’s positive natural effects that has already helped thousands of animals worldwide quickly reverse chronic health problems, regain their physical strength, walk properly again and improve overall health, plus end their dependence on harmful vet prescribed drugs for life.

The RESULTS speak for themselves …

These pictures were taken around the time I telephoned you for advice on what to do, in spite of our regular visits to the vet’s Bella’s skin problems were getting worse.Bella was going crazy, chewing at her paws and crying with the pain of it all. You told me to throw all that expensive top of the range kibble away and feed them raw natural foods supplemented with Natural Pet Vitality Fulvic Acid Minerals and just look at the transformation in around 2 months!

Bella Before Bella After NPV

click images for larger view

It was just amazing how quickly she got better and there have been NO more skin problems and NO more regular and costly visits to the vets.

Thank-You Nikki, we can’t begin to thank you enough for providing us with this really valuable education!

Ken Abell. Staffordshire.

Bella, my golden Retriever had a cyst on her the pupil of her eye since she was two. She jumped up on the bed today and I looked in her eyes. Today I did not see the Cyst so I took a flashlight to it and still no cyst!

Before Bella After

click images for larger view

It’s only been five days on the Natural Pet Vitality and things are changing for all my animals! I so love you, your compassion and all else in between, we can’t thank you enough.

Terry Fellepa. USA.

Disclaimer: Supplement results may vary from animal to animal and cannot be guaranteed. With a great track record and lots of happy customers, we hope you will also be happy with your animals result.

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Certified to the HIGHEST STANDARDS, USDA ORGANIC and is FDA Approved*
If you want your pet to be incredibly healthy in the fastest time possible, this is the most important information on pet health you’ll read this year.

Here’s why.

Nikki Brown: The UK’s Natural Dog WhispererNikki Brown: The UK’s Natural Dog Whisperer

For over 25 years Nikki Brown ‘The UK’s Natural Dog Whisperer’ and Author of ‘What Your Dog Is Begging For’ has spent her entire teenage and adult years communicating with animals and gathering valuable experience in working to find alternative solutions for them so they can live healthy & happy lives in the companionship of humans, and we are now proud to announce over the past few years she has turned her extensive knowledge to focus on raw feeding and natural animal supplements including the Natural Fulvic Vitality for animals range.

As a result, Nikki has made amazing discoveries that are consistently helping pet owners from around the world, this motivated her to write her book, ‘The Fulvic Solution’.

Which Nikki would like to invite you to download as a free gift to help your pet by sharing with you the secret power that Fulvic minerals hold. . .

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Fulvic is naturally formed over millions of years as part of the carbon cycle, the same process which forms coal, and even diamonds.

It’s a mineral that is extracted from a highly nutritious layer of the earth called the humus, the organic matter in soil. We’re not talking about the dip you may have heard of, this Humus is the layer of the earth where millions of beneficial microbes go to work on the decaying plant matter creating the Fulvic, which in turn helps feed grazing animals and helps to ensure that they grow healthy and strong.

Here’s How It Works

How Natural Fulvic Vitality Works

Over time toxins can build up in the body from different sources including commercially processed pet food and prescribed medication, these toxins can harm the body and prevent it from functioning healthily to it’s full potential leaving room for disease to set in, so Fulvic will bind itself to the toxins using its naturally present digestion and liver enzymes to safely flush the toxicity from the body, resulting in a healthy pet.

Not only will it add all 75 trace minerals back into your pets system, once the toxins are removed Natural Pet Vitality’s natural probiotics will help to keep the digestive tract and gut flora healthy, which in turn will boost your animal’s natural immune system. Like our other happy customers mentioned on this page, you should start to notice a difference in your pet’s skin quality, energy, digestive health, bone health and overall well-being in a relatively short space of time.

Here’s What Fulvic Has Done For Our Customers Animals, What Can It Do For Yours?


This is Marvin, in addition to his marked improvement in behaviour I was amazed at the difference the Natural Pet Vitality made to his health and appearance.

My other dog Mitty had really bad breath which cleared up in a day and has noticed how shiny their coats are.

Sarah. Bocking, Essex.


After seeing the remarkable changes in my dog, Benjie, after just a few days of being on the Natural Pet Vitality (more energy, more relaxed and even happier than usual) I want to start my cats on it too!

Liz. Scotland.


So proud of River. I have been fostering him since September when his owner had to move into a woman’s refuge. River suffered with severe fear aggression.

He couldn’t make eye contact and would go from calm to red zone really quickly. I added Natural Pet Vitality to his diet at the end of November and I noticed a marked improvement.

In February I ran out of the NVP, so as an experiment decided to see how it would affect him to not have it. Within a week he was more anxious and reactionary to the postman and delivery people. It took about 10 days back on Natural pet Vitality to get him to a calmer level.

Yesterday he met and played ball with a friends adult son who has a learning disability. He will soon be returning to his female owner and I am really going to miss him but so happy I have been able to help him with this fantastic product!

Gary Notley. Essex.

Supplement results may vary from animal to animal and cannot be guaranteed. With a great track record and lots of happy customers, we hope you will also be happy with your animals result.


Our Dog Reggie suffered with a long term limping problem so for the last 4 years we have been giving him Metacam to help with the pain but we were worried about the long term side effects of this drug.

We really wanted a natural alternative so we introduced Natural Pet Vitality into his diet 4 weeks ago and we are really pleased with the results!

We have taken Reggie off the Metacam completely and he now only limps occasionally on a long walk.

Marie Yates. Birmingham.


I’m glad I waited a couple more weeks before writing to let you know how Jinny is getting on with the fulvic acid supplement.

Within 3 days of her being on it, we noticed a dramatic improvement in her coat. Since finishing work on the farm 18 months ago her coat has been in an appalling state – falling out in clumps, scurfy and dusty.

She came in from a walk with Tim 3 days after starting on NPV and I asked him if he’s groomed her whilst on the walk because she looked like a different dog walking in! Her coat is sleek and clean again.

She is still moulting a bit, but in a much more natural manner! And I though that was going to be it, as for a couple of weeks nothing else changed… but then we got to this last week.

When I spoke to you about her and you suggested NPV, I’d told you that I thought she was going senile. She just wasn’t herself – she looked lost and confused a lot and didn’t seem to be enjoying her walks/play time.

But this week has been great – she has been running again, and playing and chasing with my other dog Juice. It has been such a pleasure to see her leaping through the wheat fields and barking at us!

I am looking forward to seeing how she changes over the next few months – we will certainly be keeping her on the NPV and not going back to any of the multitude of other supplements/medications we have tried over the last year.

Written by Bea Boyle: McTimony Animal Chiropractor, Kent.


Meet Falcor the Bearded Dragon. In general he is a lot happier. His skin colouring has improved and I’ve noticed he sheds easier.

He is more active when out of his vivarium and as you can see from the pic he is now a smiling happy Dragon.

Jo. Reading.

Supplement results may vary from animal to animal and cannot be guaranteed. With a great track record and lots of happy customers, we hope you will also be happy with your animals result.

What The Experts Say About Fulvic Minerials …


Fulvic acid is one of nature’s most powerful electrolytes and when given to humans, animals and plants, fulvic has the ability to balance the electrical chemistry of the cell, providing conditions for optimal health.

Fulvic minerals work best over other minerals because unlike chemicals, they are balanced and natural.

The uniqueness of fulvic minerals is that they are a balancer and a contributor, they can actually balance the body by contributing something, if the body needs something that is contained in the fulvic mineral then it will absorb into the body.

Or, if there is an excess in the body then it is an acceptor, it will locate the excess and bond to it.

Fulvic minerals act as a natural energy charger for the body.

DR. William R Jackson. – Expert on minerals.

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Certified to the HIGHEST STANDARDS, USDA ORGANIC and is FDA Approved*
The Proven Method For Having A Naturally Healthy Pet Without Harmful Steroid Injections or Prescription Drugs

Natural Pet Vitality has been specially formulated to help your animal with …

Improved immunity & overall health & well-being… Improved digestion… Increase in speed of healing… Improved behaviour… Increased energy in older animals, Improved joint & bone health… Shiny glossy fur, feathers or scales… Eye Health… Increased muscle definition… Decreased parasite infestations including: Fleas, Ticks & Worms… Replenishment of vital minerals in the body’s cells… A sense of well-being… Reduced joint pain… Improved circulation of the arteries… Noticeable growth and appearance of hair, nails and skin.

Annie's Natural Pet Vitality Benefits

A Few Years Ago It Was A Different Story

Helping animals with supplements is relatively new compared to how long domesticated Cats and Dogs have been interacting with humans, around 9,500 years for Cats and approximately 15,000 years for Dogs (although some would say longer). Before these kind of supplements were known to benefit ailments and general health we had no choice other than to take our furry little friends straight to the vet.

But things have changed, people are becoming more aware to these kind of natural treatments…

Before the modern day vet was on the scene animals would seek out there own alternate therapies, even today they still chew grass if they have an upset stomach or if they are having trouble digesting something they have eaten.

If Fulvic Acid Minerals Are So Great, Why Aren’t The Vets Administering Them?

Although vets seem to show us they care, the sad truth of the matter is at the end of the day vet surgeries are businesses like any other and have to be run like businesses or they will be out of pocket, so to keep afloat they have to sell medication that go along side their services & diagnosis.

Selling the big pharmaceutical companies chemical drugs and medication is BIG business for them!

Lets say for a moment you were able find a vet that supplies supplement products, there is a good chance they will tell you that 80-90% of animal (and human) supplements won’t work (of course, we know from our customers results they do work) and encourage you to buy the chemical ones instead, as their commissions on these are huge.

Not to mention the well-known pet food brands. Remember when you were in the waiting room, did you notice how many kibble type pet foods, self treatments and toys are there for sale?

They have us going round and round, chasing our tail if you like, having to buy more and more pet medication to deal with the side effects from the previous treatment, just read some of our customer experiences with this.

Many people have noticed recently the cost of vet services for our pets is just getting higher and higher, specially over the past few years, and it is no coincidence that many insurance companies are now offering animal related insurance.

In some cases bills are getting so high that it can leave animal owners with no choice but to destroy them. These situations can be prevented if Fulvic Acid can be reintroduced into your animal’s food chain. We say reintroduced because this isn’t something that’s entirely new, it has simply been forgotten because of the pet food industry hammering home how healthy and good their food is supposed to be, yet leaving animals needing possible medical attention a few years down the line, explaining this away ‘as being normal’. (normal if we keep giving our pets these kind of medications).

Disease costs pet owners thousands of pounds each year but we help animals to heal naturally and to look at preventing further disease and issues in the long run, saving pet owners costly trips to the vet.

Can You Really Save Hard Earned Money By Using Natural Pet Vitality?

The simple answer, Yes. Fulvic can help your pet to stay healthy, whether its a dog, cat, rodent, bird, fish, horse, pony, rabbit or reptile etc… it will also help your wallet stay healthy too.

One of the many reported benefits of supplementing your pet with Fulvic is down to it’s ability to lessen the amount your animal needs to eat, this means that usual amounts at breakfast, lunch and dinner are digested more efficiently, helping you save money in at least three different ways:

As your pet eats its body will absorb more of the nutrients present in the food. When more nutrients are absorbed, it’s less likely to over-eat and less of its food will ‘pass straight through’ so it will consume less thereby saving you money on food.

Due to its health promoting attributes, users of Fulvic have reported less visits to the Vet resulting in saved money on vet bills.

Save money on other supplements. Because Fulvic Acid supplements are extremely versatile and ‘multipurpose’, no other supplement should need to be purchased while using Fulvic.

It’s All About Helping Our Pets Live A Healthier Life…

And living healthier leads to living longer, doesn’t it? If our pets are healthy and happy we will be healthier and happier because we get a lot more love and joy from them. Dogs can be expected to live 5-10 years longer than ‘normal’ with a low toxicity balanced lifestyle.

River was fearful before Natural Fulvic Vitality

We never like to see this sort of thing, but as you’ve read from Gary’s experience with his dog, River, digestive imbalances can make an animal fearful, nervous and quite often aggressive. In a recent study over 70% of aggressive dogs were found to have pancreases, liver and thyroid problems.

There are still a lot of pet owners out there that are unaware of how modern pet foods, prescribed medication and vaccinations of today can dramatically contribute to the poor health and behaviour of their animals. With this lethal combination of chemicals we are consistently feeding our pets with it should be no surprise many of them are dying at such young ages with organ failure or serious diseases such as epilepsy or cancer.

toxic pet food

If throughout an animals lifetime it’s fed meat from a can or commercially processed biscuits the chances of contracting disease and behavioural problems increase ten fold.

The majority of these type of pet foods contain a large amount of ingredients that are low in nutritional value and high in toxicity and when given to your animal long-term can result in serious deterioration of health & well-being.

Natural Pet Vitality has a great detoxing effect, calming behaviour and also reducing inflammation and joint pain, so is great for Arthritic and older pets.

Join Our Happy Customers And Get Your Pet Started On Natural Pet Vitality Today…

Natural Pet Vitality has taken many years of research and has been perfected to the highest standards resulting in naturally healthy pets. You can be rest assured, you will see a new lease of life in your pet, he or she will be free to embrace the fresh and healthy lifestyle that will improve their quality of life for good. Click the big orange button below to…

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Certified to the HIGHEST STANDARDS, USDA ORGANIC and is FDA Approved*
Need More Proof? Read Ajay’s Story…

It was when I adopted my Turkish Kanal Dog, Ajay, that I started looking into the best possible diet and nutrition for dogs. Ajay had been found starved and almost giving up at the side of the road by friends in Bulgaria.I gave up all kibble and switched to a full raw meaty bones diet for all my dogs (I have 6 dogs altogether) and I began adding Natural Pet Vitality into their diet daily.I can honestly say that the changes were fast and remarkable. Less drinking, less garden mess, the dogs’ own smell was like pure fresh air and their oral hygiene improved greatly. Their teeth are now sparkly white and the gums incredibly healthy. Their coats literally sparkle and costly visits to the vet are a thing of the past!

Ajay Before Ajay After

click images for larger view

You can see from Ajay’s before and after shots at his incredible transformation and how healthy and full of vitality he is now.

Natural Pet Vitality is easy to use and totally worth every penny! In my experience, therefore, I can say hand on heart that a raw meat diet combined with Natural Pet Vitality is the absolute best you can offer your doggy best friend.

The results for my dogs have been so positive that I have now started to use the human Fulvic supplement Vita-min-zyme myself!

My energy levels have increased dramatically and I haven’t had any muscular pains or a even a minor cold since using it and now Natural Fulvic Vitality is a regular part of my daily diet too!

Valerie Rykens. Belguim.

Supplement results may vary from animal to animal and cannot be guaranteed. With a great track record and lots of happy customers, we hope you will also be happy with your animals result.

Order Natural Pet Vitality Here Here
Certified to the HIGHEST STANDARDS, USDA ORGANIC and is FDA Approved*
Your Natural Pet Vitality Questions

How Is Natural Pet Vitality Taken?

We supply the product in powder format which is easily added to your animal’s daily meals.

We suggest the following amounts as a guideline and we would suggest that the powder is only added to cold and raw food as heated or cooked foods can destroy the live enzymes and probiotics in the formula

Where your dog or cat maybe on a raw meaty bone diet, we would suggest you can add the powder into a raw egg drink and serve this to them before your feed meat and bone carcasses.

If you feed your cat’s or dogs a raw meat and bone mince then simply add the powder to the meat and serve up.

Dosage For Dogs & Cats: Add the required amount to the animal’s food.

1 teaspoon = 2gms of powder.

• Toy Dogs/ Puppies/Kittens:   1/4 Level Teaspoon.
• Small Dogs & Cats:                   1/2 Level Teaspoon.
• Medium Dog Breeds:               3/4 Level Teaspoon.
• Large Dogs:                                1 Level Teaspoon.

Dosage For Small Pet Mammals:

Rats, Mice Guinea Pigs, Rabbits & Ferrets:

Add 1/2 level teaspoon added to feed as required.

Dosage For Birds: Add 1/4 teaspoon into the bird’s feed.

Dosage For Horses & Ponies: 25ml scoop =10gms of powder.

Small Horses & Ponies: 10gms per horse per day

Large Horses: 10-20gms per horse per day.

Dosage For Farm Animals:

Please see directions for feeding farm animals on our Farm Page

What ingredients are in Natural Pet Vitality?

The Formula Contains: Fulvic acid minerals; digestive enzymes; probiotics; trace mineral electrolytes; brewers yeast; bakers yeast; Ash: 85.7%; Moisture: 7.4%; Fibre: 4.2%; Protein: 0.5%; Oil 0.4%.

Ingredients: Silicon Dioxide, kaolin, fulvic acid, dried yeast, (dried bakers yeast, dried brewers yeast), enzyme mix (fungal protease, acid protease, gluco amylase, lipase, cellulase, lactase, maltase, invertase), probiotic mix: (B.bifidium, Binfantis, Blongum, Efaecium, Lcasei, Lbulgaricus, L.plantarum, L.rhamnosus, Sthermophilus).

Please note that our product only contains micro amount of yeast which has been added into the formula for the live cultures in our product to feed on so it actually works as a balancer and will help  to balance yeast conditions in animals.
If your animal companion suffers with over production of yeast or any other allergies, then we would advise that you contact us for further help and advice.

How long will it take to see results?

Firstly it depends on what you are giving Fulvic to your animal for. However, you should begin to see changes within just a few days, you may notice wounds beginning to heal, more balanced energy and changes in the skin coat.

If it is for digestive issues you should see changes in approximately 2-4 weeks…

Joint health in older pets you will begin to see marked improvements in mobility with in 2-4 weeks.

If you apply the powder to skin issues or wounds you will start notice an increase in the speed of healing with in a few days.

As Fulvic is a natural supplement we are unable to give 100% guarantee of benefits or results.

How long does delivery take?

We advise to expect delivery of our fulvic prodcuts between 2-30 days depending on where in the world you live. If you live in countries such as Saudi Arabia which has strict custom laws then please contact us before placing your order and we will advise on best shipping methods. UK & International shipping rates are calculated at checkout.

If you have any more questions regarding Fulvic Acid products please contact Nikki Brown Here. Or if you are ready to give your pet a new lease of life click here.

Disclaimer: Supplement results may vary from animal to animal and cannot be guaranteed.

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