Fulvic Acid Life Elixir – Fuel For An Enlightened Life


Our Fulvic Drops contains Fulvic Acid Minerals – often referred to by scientists as “The Missing Link of Nutrition” and “Nature’s Most Potent Anti-Oxidant & Electrolytes,” with regular use increases:

Cellular integrity, overall energy, endurance, brain function, immune response, digestive health, restful sleep and all while alkalizing body fluids.

Our Fulvic drops contains in excess of 100 nutrients including rare electrolytes, minerals and fulvic acid that when taken regularly will combine a rare combination of minerals, electrolytes, trace minerals and more than 30 organic acids including rich quantities of fulvic acid extracted from one of nature’s rarest prehistoric plant matter deposits, delivering benefits such as;

  • Improved and sustained energy
  • Endurance and stamina and muscle recovery
  • Promote better sleep
  • Enhance immune response
  • Sustains reproductive health
  • Less susceptible to colds and flu
  • Increase brain function with clearer thinking and reasoning
  • Balanced  and better digestive health, reduced inflammation, less hunger for junk foods
  • Gently detoxify the body fluids and cells by sustaining alkaline body fluids and promoting daily detoxification of the cells.
  • Increase the absorption of nutrients from foods and supplements resulting in optimum health.

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Life Elixir is extracted from a rare plant matter deposit (including seaweeds) that contains rich quantities of  fulvic acid and trace minerals in a combination that has been referred to as “Nature’s Miracle Molecule” due to its many health producing benefits.

It has been known for some time that the natural acids in fruits and vegetables are among the most potent health producing substances known and that rare plant matter deposits exist that contain combinations of these acids from millions of years of plant matter decay creating this miracle molecule!

How does it work?

Life Elixir delivers its benefits and does its work in these important ways —

  • As a transporter molecule – capable of binding to nutrients and delivering them past the cell wall more effectively than other known carriers
  • Supplying fulvic trace mineral electrolytes unavailable elsewhere providing a constant trickle charge of bioelectrical energy to the cells.
  • Imparting Nature’s most potent antioxidant Fulvic Acid – thus increasing oxygenation of all cells especially brain cells which require 12 times more oxygen than other body cells
  • As a wide spectrum trace mineral/element supplement it delivers the many benefits associated with trace mineral
  • Detoxifying the cells daily while increasing nutrient absorption — toxins bind to the receptor sites on the fulvic molecule triggering the body to eliminate them.



Life Elixir works by being nature’s most potent electrolyte, anti-oxidant, cellular detoxifier and nutrient delivery system.


Natural Ingredients



Life Elixir and Life Elixir Alkaline contains more than 100 naturally occurring substances derived from our pristine anic deposit including:

  • 9 Macro Minerals
  • 10 Trace Minerals
  • 57 Trace Elements
  • 18 Amino Acids
  • 17 Organic Acids (including humic and fulvic acids)
  • 5 Vitamins

If you would like to dig a little deeper into our formula and learn about each nutrient and its benefits to you, then PLEASE CLICK HERE FOR FULL INGREDIENT INFORMATION

The Source of Life Elixir

34 million years ago plants and animals were far larger than they are today. Huge plants with roots reaching deep into the ground converted an abundance of rock form minerals into bio-available forms.

When these giants perished, the bioactive minerals were deposited on the surface of the Earth where microbes completed the cycle, composting the plant matter by a process known as humification.

The microbes thrived in this environment and released organic acids combining some of them with minerals in the soil while also converting the rock minerals into forms that could be easily digested by the next generation of plant life.

As the cycle of life and death continued each year over millions of years, more and more of these organic acids accumulated and formed rare plant matter deposits called humates.

Not all of these deposits survived the passing of time. Many were destroyed or buried by shifts of the earth and sea. Glaciers moving across the Earth preserved some of these deposits by covering them with a hard rock-like layer.

Some 100 years ago, predecessors discovered one such extremely rare deposit, just a few feet below the surface of the Earth. And today we are proud to be the stewards of this unique deposit, rich in minerals, trace minerals and organic acids including amino acids and the most important organic acid of all, FULVIC ACID – Nature’s Miracle Molecule.

With more than 20 years of research and development, we have perfected the harvesting, curing, and the extraction of these rare compounds using proprietary pure water extraction methods.

Fermentation of sugar and peat creating “first generation” “man-made” fulvic acid without the presence of fulvate minerals cannot compare to what nature has created since the Oligocene period. Products containing single generation fulvic acid without a complex of additional organic acids are grossly inferior.

Soils deficient in fulvic acid in both forms produce plants that no longer contain a rich quantity of minerals, trace minerals or organic acids as they once did. After generations of consuming these deficient plants, the human race is experiencing a multitude of diseases.

Our fulvic minerals provide what can no longer be derived from chemically raised foods. Organic foods raised in soils with sufficient minerals but deficient organic acid content are still lacking optimum nutrient profiles.

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Much of our food is also grown hydroponically with feed water that contains neither form of fulvic acid or a diversity of other organic acids producing inferior vegetables which lack both rich mineral content and good taste.

Our mission is to reverse this trend leading ultimately to better health in humans, animals and plants alike.

Scientists in recent years have realized the significance of these rare deposits and the unique substances they contain, often referring to them as the possible “missing link” of nutrition.

Products developed from our rare deposit material by our team of experts are unique.

The benefits attributed to taking fulvic minerals as a supplement include, improved brain function and mental clarity, boosting overall energy and endurance, reducing body odor from within, increasing nutrient assimilation, balancing metabolism, improving digestion, sustaining reproductive health and gently detoxifying the entire system.

These benefits are produced when our fulvic minerals link to complex nutrients in our food and within the body so they can enter the cell directly and be more readily assimilated.

Life Elixir fulvic minerals are on average five times more concentrated than our leading competitors, even when mixed to the recommended dilution in water.

Who Would Benefit From Using Life Elixir? 

Because our immediate environments are filled with so much toxicity from chemicals in the, water, air and soil, everyone would feel some benefits from taking our products.

Fulvic acid is a wonderful preventative solution to help you and your loved ones to full of natural life force and vitality.

  • Athletes
  • Folks with health challenges
  • People on the go
  • Folks who dislike fruits or vegetables or both
  • Health Professionals for their clients and patients
  • Individuals experiencing poor quality sleep
  • Students for that added spark to their thinking and memory
  • People with less than healthy diets
  • Kids with constant sugar cravings
  • People with binge eating appetites
  • Folks who choose to balance their metabolism
  • People choosing to lose weight
  • Folks experiencing inflammation issues
  • Those needing an aid in recovering from exercise
  • Iron deficient individuals
  • People with physically demanding or high stress jobs
  • Folks working in toxic environments

Possible benefits which have been associated with Fulvic Minerals

  • Supercharges your immune system
  • Promotes exceptional health of the thymus gland
  • May help balance the thyroid system due to helping stabilize the immune system
  • Reduces cravings and helps with over-eating
  • Promote renewed energy and motivation
  • Feel blood sugar become more balanced
  • Over time restores your body to its optimum potential
  • Helps purge parasites, pathogens, and viruses from your body
  • Cleanses, neutralizes, and removes toxins
  • Acts as a powerful natural anti-inflammatory agent and antioxidant
  • Surrounds the body with a protective shield of defense
  • You may start feeling better almost immediately
  • You may see health concerns improve
  • Experience increased resistance to colds and flu
  • See aches and pains alleviated
  • Notice that you become sick less often
  • You may feel relief from common and seasonal allergies
  • Gain improved resistance to infections and disease
  • Feel increased energy and endurance
  • Notice improved skin, nails, and more youthful complexion
  • Feel improved digestion and bowel function
  • See absolutely amazing healing of burns, cuts, and bruises
  • Experience increased circulation and oxygenation
  • Feel better and more alert mentally
  • Experience improved memory and brain function
  • Revitalize sexual functions and desire
  • Notice improvement of aging symptoms in the elderly
  • Notice that other supplements and medications work better when taken at the same time
  • And an ongoing list of miracles

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much should I take daily?

We suggest by starting with adding 5 drops per day in to clean pure filtered spring water and slowly increasing your dosage to up to 10 drops a day. Work with your body and system as on some days you may feel like less and some other days, when you are tired or in need of a stronger detox, say after a night out partying, or eating rich foods, or taking medications, you may feel require more drops.

Our 30ml bottle will last approx 60 days and our 50ml bottle will last approx 100 days.

If I stop taking Life Elixir will I notice any depletion of benefits?

In some individuals the effects of discontinuing Life Elixir have proven to be virtually immediate, while with others it may take several days even weeks depending on the persons overall health, environment, stress level, activity and diet.

How is Life Elixir Different From a Multi-Vitamin?

Vitamins in 99% of all products are synthetic! Multi-Vitamins typically are meant to supply a wide range of vitamins but contain little mineral content and when they do the minerals are typically man made. Life Elixir contains only nature made nutrients and organic acids. Life Elixir is among the most complex natural substances on earth containing all the remnants of prehistoric plant and animal life.

Does Life Elixir replace the need for other vitamins?

NO! Since Life Elixir is not a vitamin supplement and contains only trace vitamin content it cannot and should not replace vitamin supplementation or consuming vitamin rich foods. However, Life Elixir will reduce the amount of any vitamin needed to maintain the same benefits as previously experienced. It accomplishes this by nature of its nutrient transporter attributes. Vitamins cannot be absorbed without an adequate supply of bio-available minerals and trace minerals and they cannot be effectively transported across the cell membrane unless they are linked to an organic acid molecule of some kind.

Fulvic Acid is the most highly regarded of all the organic acids as a powerful chelator (binder) of inorganic minerals converting them to bio-available salts. It also increases cell membrane elasticity allowing for increased nutrient transport into the cells.

What is the difference between Life Elixir and Life Elixir Alkaline?

They are virtually the same formula, however the Alkaline version contains slightly less mineral deposits so is more suited to an acidic system, so anyone who has a high level of toxicity in their system and would like a more potent detoxification process.

How Much Do The Elixirs Cost?

  Buy NowOrder Life Elixir Here

30ml bottle (60 days supply) 50ml Bottle (100 days supply)

Can you ship anywhere in the world? 

Yes, as long as you have a postal service we can send you a bottle of our Elixir.


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