The Day I Did Superman!

Who remembers back in the 80’s watching the Christopher Reeve’s Superman Films and thinking to themselves, “I wish I could fly!”

I think it’s safe to say we probably all did! Growing up, I had reoccurring dreams that I could fly and even dreamt of flying cars!

Perhaps I was a bird in a past life or something, but there is something quite awesome about defying gravity even if it for just a few short moments.

My love of dance started when I was born and I enrolled in my first gymnastics class when I was just 4 years old. I also took up ballet, tap, modern and jazz dance to help me along. I was summersaulting and back flipping and I guess that was as close to flying as I got!

When I was 8 years old my parents decided to move cities and I had to say good bye to my wonderful gymnastic coach and dance teachers. I was gutted to be honest.

With any ending in life, it does bring with a new beginning, so I looked ahead and as soon as we got settled in our new house, I joined the local gymnastics and ballet class but something felt like it was still missing.

The new school I had just enrolled in, wasn’t a very pleasant one as there was a lot of bullying going on.

I was a shy kid who was going to get eaten alive in this new environment if I didn’t do something fast! I decided it was time to start practicing martial arts and learn a few self defence moves so I joined a Karate class, and fell in love with it totally.

From the ages of 8 to 16, I was attending a sports class of some sorts every night of the week.  I worked incredibly hard and was fully dedicated to my training. I competed in national and international competitions and soon started filling up the trophy cupboard with an array of awards for my achievements.

As I moved into my 20’s I dropped out of a lot of my sports classes for various reasons but I think I had outgrown them and now I was out in the big wide world earning a living, I wanted something else to do.

My love for music is a strong one and if I just hear a good beat my feet will start tapping and my body begins to move. I got into the clubbing scene and soon found my way onto the dance podiums and spent the next few years dancing the night away and having a ball. It kept me fit and I was having so much fun.

As I entered my 30’s and the love for clubbing began to wear off, I took a new direction and moved area again. I joined the local Xtreme Bootcamp Class, took up Tae Kwon Do and began to learn the wonderful spiritual practice of yoga. This all led me to compete at the Welsh TKD championships, where I won two gold medals age 35!


I moved house again and a change of area meant that again sadly I had to leave behind my training classes and coaches. I did try and find similar classes in my new location but to be honest I couldn’t find a class or teacher who resonated with me. I kept up with my personal exercise practice but found that I was still missing something important from my life.

Then came along my best friend’s daughter, Hollie is just 10 years old.  She is just like I was as a kid, always climbing stuff and throwing herself around.

She is a naturally gifted child and she was wanting to learn dance and gymnastic, so one day I spent some time with her in garden, going over all the basic stuff I had learnt as kid.

Of course I had to actually show her the moves and that is when the magic happened. By teaching Hollie, she helped me reconnect with a part of me that I had forgotten about along the way and watching Hollie take on the new moves, totally inspired me and I thought “I NEED TO DANCE!”

I started looking for a local dance class and didn’t actually have to wait that long as I saw a post on Facebook from a teacher that very night, who was looking for a suitable venue for POLE DACNING CLASSES… I thought “Perfect!

It was something I had always wanted to have a go at and as luck or DESTINY would have it, a new class was starting right in the village where I live, just a five minute walk from my house. I contacted Daisy and got myself booked in.

That was 8 months ago!

My body transformation

My body transformation

A lot has changed in 8 months! I have undergone a complete transformation in my mind, body and soul and put it most of down to my weekly pole lessons. What can I say about Pole dancing other than, it’s given me a totally NEW LEASE OF LIFE…  It’s woken me up!  It’s also inspired, challenged and rewarded me! 

Considering I hadn’t done any real exercise in the last few years, it was a challenge to get my body to wake up again, I had to go through some severe pain barriers, and my body was saying “What are your doing to me?” My mind was saying, “Come on, You, remember how to do all this stuff, stop your whinging and get on with it!”

I think the biggest change for me, was that my body said I needed to also listen carefully to it.  When I did start listening it was telling me that I needed to cut out all animal by-products such as Dairy. I had been vegetarian for 30 years, but my body said it just wanted plants from now on, so I listened to it and went Vegan about 5 months ago and I have to say it is the best thing I have ever done! My mind, body and spirit now feel incredibly clean and strong.

People ask me all the time “What do you eat? How do you get your protein to build muscle?” That is perhaps for another blog, but by eating the right plants, we can provide ourselves with enough protein to sustain ourselves and keep incredibly healthy.

I  do however, have my two secret weapons, which I add to my daily diet which provide my body with everything I need to be vital and healthy, they are:

Vita-Min-Zyme Six in One!

Vita-Min-Zyme Six in One!

Vita-Min-Zyme– a six in one blend of organic goodness straight from the earth which contains fulvic acid- which is the best know available nutrient and detoxifer on the planet today! Contains SIX essential nutrients for the body in just one tablet!




Hemp Nourish Goodness!

Hemp Nourish Goodness!

Hemp Nourish– A completely natural hemp protein shake full of vital nutrients and antioxidants. This product helped my shift excess weight FAST and build muscle in its place. This one contains NO Whey or dairy products, artificial sweetners, just clean healthy plant protein.




My Pole Journey With Video & Photos:

I loved the pole the moment I saw it standing there all tall and shiny! I remember thinking “You are a mountain and I am going to climb you!”

I didn’t realise how much pole dancing would HURT!!  Oh My God!!  We are not just talking about a few achy muscles the day after a workout, nope, we are talking skin ripping and burning sensations and painful, black bruises where ever the pole and your body comes into contact.

It is all part of the journey and somehow your body adjusts to the pain barrier and you don’t feel it so much. I take the homeopathic remedy, ARNICA for internal bruising and it works really well.

The thing I love most about pole fitness is that it challenges your mind, body and spirit to the full extent.

You have to face your fears and your vulnerabilities, but when you do perfect a move it is just the BEST FEELING in the world and provides you with a great sense of achievement.

Throughout my sports life, I have always been blessed with such amazingly talented, coaches, teachers and instructors and my pole dance teacher, Daisy Moore is no exception.

I was just blown away when I saw her on the pole and she totally inspired me to keep up with the hard work and dedication that it takes to get really good at something.

Daisy organised a professional photographer to come and in take photos of us, so that gave us a goal to work towards. All of the girls booked a private lesson with Daisy so we could work on our moves for the shoot.

VIDEO: You can see snippets of my private lesson with Daisy below and see how difficult some of the moves are to get into and what the end result looks like on the shoot day.


And below the video is the full 10 shots the wonderful photographer David J Harrison took on the day!



It takes alot of upper body strength to do a Shoulder Mount!


It felt great to almost Fly!

It felt great to almost Fly!


This one takes alot of courage to lean back and let go just holding on with your inner thighs and knee.


This one is Called Butterfly and takes alot of concentration to hold.


Scissor Splits takes some courage and strength to do!


Scissor splits is a beautiful and graceful move!


I like to call this one HUG THE POLE FOR DEAR LIFE! First attempt doing this I slid down the pole and jolted my neck.. made sure I didn’t do that again! lol


Still Hugging the pole for DEAR LIFE but thought I would experiment with a different leg pose.


This one is called Side Martini – I think! I was in alot of pain in this one but think I pulled it off 🙂


Another one of my favourites! One day I would like to do the side splits in this position.. got a fair way to go though!

I was really pleased with the photos and they will be something I can look back on when I am 80 and say.. “Well, I sure did give it all I had and Boy did I have FUN along the way!!”

I think I can now safely cross off “Fly Like Superman!” from my Bucket list and continue to work towards my goals of now being able to put these moves into some kind of routine!

That will be another blog for another day!

Love and Light


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