How To Solve Dog Aggression Naturally

Archie & Rosie are litter mates who have spent their entire lives together but were handed over to The Dog’s Trust when they were 8 years old.

Luckily, the Core family came along when they did and the fell in love with the two dogs and rescued them offering them a forever home.

Archie came to them with some aggression issues mainly towards other dogs and Rosie was very overweight. After seeing the dog trainer, Elaine Core felt the dogs were not responding or improving and Archie had begun to behave aggressively towards her husband Martin.

It was at this point Elaine contacted me for some advice. I could tell how committed both Elaine and Martin were to helping their dog’s and they were open to try anything if it meant that they could keep their dog’s and never have to think about putting them back into the rescue system.

We enrolled both dogs onto The Canine Angel Dog Aggression Program and got to work straight away. Elaine was delighted that the program included diet and nutrition education as she really wanted to also help Rosie lose her excess weight so she could feel healthy and happy again.

Five months of following the program and this is what Elaine had to say:

IMG_0087“Our main problem was that Archie was aggressive as he had been treated badly in a former home and Rosie was so overweight and had difficulty getting around.

We have a big family who visit often and we wanted Archie to get to a stage that he could interact with people and dogs without incident.

We wanted Rosie to have a good quality of life as we walk a lot we wanted her to get to a stage where she could not only keep up, but run around and have fun.

We had contacted a local trainer who came to help with Archie but to no avail, as although Archie is very obedient, his aggression to Dogs, joggers and people continued. He didn’t aggressively bite but he snapped which is worrying when you are in populated areas.

I read about Canine Angel on the internet and read all of the reviews. I was interested in the dog aggression program because it incorporated diet and nutrition education as well and we felt this would be perfect to help Rosie to lose weight and for them both to be happy in their new life.

I was a little nervous about starting the program but Nikki was fantastic at explaining the benefits for both the dogs and the health side of it made us really keen to get started.

The program began with a skype training session on Natural Health, Diet & Nutrition. I found this great way to learn and all my concerns were answered so we could start the dogs on their diet changes straight away.

We read “What Your Dog is Begging For?”  and it all just made sense.

IMG_0092I was really apprehensive about the diet change part, I wasn’t sure how the dogs would take to fasting, but we followed Nikki’s expert advice we gave them their first raw meaty bone. They wolfed it down, licking their lips at the end. We introduced raw fish to their diets, which they get every day, they absolutely love it.

My dogs are given the Natural Pet Vitality twice a day, their coats, eyes and everything about them just sparkles. The dogs lap it up and we wouldn’t give them anything else!

Their teeth have gone from brown, stained to gleaming white, even the vet has commented on them.

Rosie has struggled with getting all of the toxins out of her system but we really have turned a corner with her. She has gone from a 26.5 inch waist to 22 inches and is loving life on and off the lead.

Nikki also suggested we take them to a McTimoney Chiropractor as her weight would have really put pressure on her back. We did that and have since been back for a 2nd session. We take Rosie swimming and that really has helped with her weight and fitness.

With regards to the Bio Resonance Therapy both the dogs received, the biggest change we have noticed is Archie’s behaviour.

IMG_0084Since he has been wearing his E-pendant,  we have all noticed how calm he has become and when we have visitors we still recommend that they let Archie come to them, within 10 minutes he is normally on his back looking for tummy tickles.

The Bio Resonance therapy has allowed us the confidence to take them to dog socialising where I can leave them and now he runs with other dogs and is terrific off the lead. Rosie has so much more energy and it just thrills me how they are just loving being little dogs again.

On receiving the hair analysis results it has made me more aware of what they are sniffing and the dangers around the countryside that are harmful to them.

We really looked forward to the home visit training part of the program and it went really well. The training was very informative and we were amazed at so pleased at how Archie reacted to Nikki bringing her dog into our home.


Martin & Archie now have an incredible bond!

By learning dog psychology and interspecies communication, they understand us and we now understand them and both Rosie & Archie now know who the boss is.

By going through Nikki’s training, we now understand the “Signs” with Archie and how to respond to them so he hasn’t snapped at anyone in over 3 months!



At the end of the home visit training we absolutely feel more in control. The dogs reacted so differently to us and we are all happy.

Rosie’s weight is incredible, although we still have a little way to go, her diet is stable and we just have to keep with the exercise.

IMG_0083Archie is a different dog!!! He is soft and just lovely. They are both adorable and we love them so much.

My family have noticed huge changes in both dogs. Rosie has a lovely nature but her weight was excessive, now she is bubbly, fit and healthy. Archie is more approachable and we have no fear now when dogs are walking towards us.

Nikki is always at the end of phone/email to not only give you the answers and advice but the encouragement that you are doing the right thing for the dogs and yourselves.

I know I can contact Nikki anytime and she will respond and help with anything I have to ask. We have become friends and she is a huge part of the dog’s lives. I found the whole program to be absolutely excellent. Nikki is a joy to deal with, and so positive.

I would recommend the programme to anyone. It really has turned 4 lives around and we couldn’t be happier with how it has gone!”

Elaine Core, Sheffield.

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