15 Year Old Benny Gets A New Lease Of Life!

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

Like Most dogs, 15 year old Benny, had been fed a lifetime of processed pet food and whilst he survived on this food, he never really thrived on it, nor did he really like it. It got to the point where he was refusing to eat it and was loosing a lot of weight.

Over the years, Benny had been in and out of the vets with various health issues which included stiffness and lameness, digestive issues, pancreatitis and liver damage. He had lost his appetite for life and became depressed and was even treated with antidepressant drugs prescribed by the vet.
Nothing was really working and because Benny wouldn’t take his meds or eat his food, his owner contacted me to see if there was anything we could do to help him.

I suggested that we get Benny started on the Canine Angel Natural Health Program straight away so we could provide the necessary help, advice and education, so his owner could make a few simple changes that were going to make all the difference for him.

We began by putting his system through a fast and cleanse using the Natural Pet Vitality raw eggy drinks, followed by complete species appropriate diet & nutrition training.

Because Benny’s system was in a delicate state from all the processed pet foods he had consumed in his lifetime & harsh drug therapy he had been receiving, we put him onto a Raw BARF diet to begin with.

We supported his healing through Bio Resonance Therapy and tailor made a special Bio Resonance Formula to help his system return back to balance and support it through these incredible changes.

I was delighted when his owner, Vivian reported just a couple of weeks into the program that Benny was now BARKING and demanding his new raw food diet and for the first time in years he actually got out of bed and wanted to go for a walk again. His mood lifted and he got his zest for life back again.

7 weeks into the program and his owner decided to move Benny over to the full species appropriate diet of Raw Meaty Bones and to her delight, he relished it and showed that even senior dogs can convert back to their species appropriate diet when given the right support.

Benny’s owner sent in this video clip along with a few of her own words about the changes she has seen in Benny which I have added below. Moments like these are just so precious and it makes my heart sing to see another dog enjoying life with Mother Nature as they were meant to.

Vivian Collier, Wales says:

“Our Dog Benny is 15 years old. He is such a part of the family that life without him doesn’t bear thinking about. He has had a number of bad attacks from pancreatitis over the last couple of years and his liver has suffered as a consequence.

He has always been an unbelievably fussy eater with the dry kibble mixed with pouches of wet food being the only things he would eat.

After his last attack, he seemed to go downhill rapidly. He stayed in his bed, refused food and walks were definitely out of the question. His coat had a lifeless dull appearance.

Blood test revealed all his levels were raised and our vet suggested a Royal Canine Specific diet but Benny wouldn’t touch it. (Having now learnt what actually goes into this food, I can’t say I blame him!)

Having spent every minute available researching on the internet, I found Canine Angel.

Everything she said pointed to good nutrition being the answer and having read and re read Nikki’s book we decided to sign Benny up for her Natural Health Program.

Benny started her program by going through a detox, with the help of The Natural Pet Vitality mixed with coconut oil, and raw eggs supporting him. The Eggy drink mixture was the first nutritious food Bennie had for days and to see him lap it up was a breakthrough for him and us.

His coat after a relatively short period started to feel soft again and even took on a shine. He started to want to go for short walks – not far but the interest was there.

We have had our ups and downs but to date it seems he finally has turned a very important corner.

Much to our amazement, (and his I think) he relished his first raw meaty bone meal!

To see the satisfaction on his face as he chomped his way through it was utterly priceless!

Throughout this journey, Nikki has always been supporting us, either on the end of a phone or by email which has been a huge relief!

The heartbreaking thing for us is that we didn’t go down this natural feeding path years ago with Benny & also our other pets!” 

Vivian Collier.

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