Why Allopathic Vets Advise Processed Pet Food Diets To Their Clients

toxic-pet-foodWhen it comes to correct pet diet & nutrition, allopathic vets are not the experts. Unfortunately the veterinary associations they belong to, work in partnership with the giant pet food manufactures, the big pharmaceutical companies and the pet insurance industry.

All 4 organisations have created a system where they are all making billions of pounds profit from making our pets sick with the toxic processed pet foods. The sick animal is then taken to see the vet, who then sells the prescriptions drugs for the pet food related disease symptoms from the big pharmas and make claims on the pet insurance for extra treatments needed.

Bella: 12 Year Old English Setter Diagnosed With Canine Hyperthyroidism By Her Vet.

The prescription drugs then can come with lethal side effects which causes even more symptoms which are then treated with another combination of chemical drugs and this is how they create customers who add profit to their business.

Read Bella’s Story HERE because it is just one shining example of this system and how they created a very sick dog and pocketed large sums of money from her owners in the attempt to manage the symptoms they had in fact created for her.

When you think about it logically, nothing about processed food is fresh or nutritious.  Processed pet foods can sit in a warehouse for up to a year before hitting the shelves for sale and then it has a 8 month shelf life date on it. If you ate food that was nearly two years old every day for the rest of your life, do you think your health would be in a good state? No I think not. So why are pet owners everywhere, following this crazy system? It’s all because of brainwashing and advertising. People following the crowd.

Thank goodness there are some educated natural and holistic vets who have taken their pet diet & nutrition study further from what they learnt at Vet School.

There are some wonderful holistic vets out there in the world, vets such as Dr Tom Lonsdale, Dr Karen Becker, Dr Nick Thompson & Dr Chris Day to name just a few. Look them up on Google to find out more about them and the wonderful work they do.

These educated vets advise their clients on raw feeding and I would suggest that if your current veterinarian is still trying to tell you that raw feeding is dangerous and that processed pet feeding is the right thing to do, then you want to ditch this uneducated vet and look for a more holistic one who knows what they are talking about.

The Crime We Have Committed Against Our Best Friends!!

Dogs are carnivores and need raw meaty bones in their daily diet.

Dogs are carnivores and need raw meaty bones in their daily diet so they can thrive and lead a healthy disease free life.

The biggest crime we have committed against our carnivorous pet, is to take away their species appropriate diet of raw meat, raw bones and raw offal and replace it with dry biscuits or wet meat slush in a can or pouch.

We took away the most vital ingredient from the dog and cat and that is the bones they need to consume daily in order for full health and vitality.

It is so important though to point out that YES COOKED BONES can be VERY DANGEROUS to dogs and cats but RAW BONES covered in raw meat, as long as given in the right consistency, can be consumed safely by the jaws that mother nature gave these species.

The Tell Tale Signs Of Processed Pet Food Damage In An Animal.

I have provided a list of some of the most popular tell-tale signs of processed pet food damage below so if your pet or someone else’s you know is suffering with any of these conditions, then it’s time to ditch the processed food immediately and start learning how to make a few simple changes to ensuring they receive their species appropriate diet which consists of only raw foods.

  • Skin & Coat Issues: Excessive Shedding, Dry flakey skin, greasy coat, sores, lumps and lesions.
  • Ears & Eyes: Infections, bloodshot eyes, overproduction of ear wax
  • Digestive Issues: sickness or diarrhea
  • Elimination Organ Issues: Bladder, bowel & anal glands
  • Weight Problems: Underweight/overweight
  • Joint & Muscle Issues: limping, inflammation, arthritis, bone cancer
  • Respiratory Problems: Heart & Lungs
  • Auto Immune & Neurological Issues
  • Diseases: Canine Cancer, Epilepsy, Hypothyroidism & Diabetes
  • Behavioural Issues: Fear, nervousness, aggression, hyperactivity, obsession & depression

The symptoms of pet food damage are often just treated with stronger prescriptions or different drugs, all of which come with some side effects. Often the side effects can then themselves cause further health issues down the line which are then treated with even more drugs which put more strain on an already weakened system and so the circle of poor sickly pet continues and they never have real chance to recover and heal properly.

Want To Learn More About Natural Pet Diet & Nutrition & Discover How To Detox Your Pet Safely Before Switching To A Raw Food Diet?

Learning about how to feed your pet it’s species appropriate diet does not have to be difficult. However, if you have never thought about it before or are just starting to do some research on the subject, it can be a bit of a minefield of information.

There are lots of questions though that need answering and because I get asked the same questions over and over again,  I decided to write an extensive pet diet and nutrition training manual, which answers all those burning questions that you have about raw feeding. I wanted to make things really simple so ANY dog or cat owner could feel confident about making the switch just from reading my step by step training manual.

Not only does my PDF training manual teach you everything about what’s so dangerous about processed pet food, but it teaches you the most vital step of how to detox and cleanse your animal before making the switch. It takes you step by step through the changes that will take place and what signs are normal and what signs may need attention. Its gives handy helpful tips and advice on how to source your raw foods, how to handle them safely and how you can save money by feeding a raw diet to your pet dog or cat and much more.

My training manual has been well received by thousands of clients worldwide who all comment at how simple it was to follow and how it gave them the confidence to make the switch. Ordering a copy is really simple, just click on the link below and it will take you to the order page where you can download it immediately.


“What Your Dog is Begging For!”

PDF Pet Diet & Nutrition Training Manual

Written By: Nikki Brown

The UK’s Natural Dog Whisperer

CLICK HERE To Download Your Copy Now! 


In my opinion, the best training you can receive on your canine or feline friend is to learn how to feed it is species appropriate diet correctly, so it can literally thrive in your care and save you copious amounts of time heartache and money with costly trips to the vet.

My own dog Annie who is featured on the cover has been raw fed for over 7 years now and has not once had to see the vet for any kind of treatment in that all that time. We have the most incredible bond because I provide her with exactly what she is begging for!

Raw Meaty Bones really are your dog’s best friend!!

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