How Natural Pet Vitality Can Help To Transform Your Pet’s Health Problems

In Just 5 Months, Bella the 12 Year Old English Setter Transforms….

Bella Transformation pictureEvery now and then a case comes along that touches my heart deeply, makes a profound impact on my life and teaches me many new lessons.

Bella’s story is a true one which opens our eyes up to what’s really going on today’s pet industry and can perhaps help us to make better choices where our beloved pets are concerned.

Through the work I do, I have personally witnessed many cases where the animal has shown signs of processed pet food damage and allergic reactions to prescribed medication from the vet, but in Bella’s case, this was far the worse case I had ever seen.

_DSC7160Bella’s owner was a good friend of Canine Angel student, Joanna Wild, who had just completed her level 1 Natural Dog Whisperer study with me and was beginning to work on her real life case studies out in the field.

I suggested we put Bella through The Canine Angel Natural Health Program as soon as possible, so we could begin the process of detoxification and replacing the vital nutrients that Bella was so desperately lacking in.

I did wonder if we were too late to help Bella as she was so close to death, but my belief is that whilst a dog still has breath in its lungs, it still has the ability to do some internal healing and fight for it’s life, if it so desires to do so.

I felt Bella wasn’t ready to give up the fight just yet and she wanted to get well again. She was one of the most gentle and beautiful souls I have ever had the pleasure to meet. I promised her we would do all we could to aid her with her natural healing and I made a personal promise to her, that I would share her story far and wide, so she could perhaps inspire and educate others and save many more animals from going this this kind of pain and suffering.

Today I fulfil that promise to Bella and feel humble to share her story with you all now.

Bella’s Story:

Blue March 2014 026

On my first meeting of Bella, I felt immense sadness and tears welled up in my eyes as I felt her pain and suffering. I also felt a real sense of frustration, because it was immediately clear to me that her current health conditions were probably caused by a lifetime of being fed a processed pet food diet, and receiving a concoction of prescribed medications that had been administered to her over a period of 10 years for treatment of her pet food damage symptoms.

Bella was now 12 years old and a few years previously had been diagnosed by her vet with Canine Hypothyroidism who advised her owner that she would be on drug therapy to manage her symptoms of this disease for the rest of her life.


News like this from a vet is often the trigger for a pet owner to start searching for holistic practitioners who may offer a different perspective to the problem and therefore offer an alternative and more natural solution.

Bella’s first health problem actually begun 10 years ago when she was just 2 years old. She was rushed to see the vet, who diagnosed acute sickness and diarrhoea.

The vet prescribed her some antibiotics and suggested that she be swapped to cat food as maybe the dog food was too rich for her and sent her home.

At this point, if an educated vet had realised that Bella was suffering from an allergic reaction to the foods she was eating and could have offered correct diet and nutrition advice, we could of perhaps saved Bella from a life of misery and suffering and her owners years of heartache and worry, not to mention a large dent in their bank account for the vet bills they had to pay out.

Bella’s Damaged System:

These are the photos we took  when we first met Bella and as you can see the first thing you really notice about her is her large bald areas on her body, where she had incredibly sore itchy body wounds where she had licked and chewed at herself. They were weeping and oozing a toxic stench from them which made you want to gag.


Bella’s Hair Loss Wound On Her Hind Back Leg

Bella's Hair Loss Wound On Her Side Body

Bella’s Hair Loss Wound On Her Side Body

Bella's Hair Loss Body Wound

Bella’s Hair Loss Body Wound








Bella scratched and chewed at her self constantly but because she also had severe mouth rot and gum disease, her tongue had lost all ability to be a natural healing tool and she just spread the bacteria from her mouth to her wounds and back again. Her depleted immune system could do nothing to heal herself and no amount of drugs seemed to be making her better.

Bella had suffered with ear infections right throughout her life, but her ears has become so bad, that they had deep blistering inside and were incredibly painful for her.

She gnawed at her paws so much that they lost all their hair and became sore and infected too. Poor Bella was in a desperate state and so too was her owner, who tearfully said,

All I have done is followed my vets advice and look where it’s got us.. !”

Bella had lost all the hair on her paws

Bella had lost all the hair on her paws

Bella Had Deep Blistering Inside Her Ears

Bella Had Deep Blistering Inside Her Ears








I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy to get Bella back on her feet again, but reassured her owner that we would do all that we could to help them both and suggested we got to work straight away.

We provided the correct diet and nutrition education to Bella’s owner so she could begin to make the necessary changes safely. We needed to first of all detoxify Bella’s system and clear as many toxins from her system as possible and we did this by completely removing all processed pet foods from her diet.

We put Bella through a 2 day fast and detox using Natural Pet Vitality mixed into raw egg drinks and continued to provide these drinks every day for the next six months.

After we had cleansed her system, we introduced Bella to her species appropriate diet of raw meaty bones for the first time in her life.

As you can see from the photo below she tucked into her new fresh nutritious food and relished with delight.

Bella tucks into her first Raw Meaty Bone Meal

Bella tucks into her first Raw Meaty Bone Meal

It was touch and go through her detoxification period which lasted a good couple of months, but as the days and weeks went by, we could see Bella was regaining her strength & vitality and her AMAZING transformation begun… 

Bella’s Body Wounds Begin To Heal For The First Time In Years:

2 Weeks of Natural Pet Vitality and Raw Diet you can see the wound has dried up and new fresh hair is starting to grow back.

2 weeks of raw meaty bones supplemented with Natural Pet Vitality, Bella’s body wound begins to heal…

Week 3 and more fresh new hair is growing back and her wound is healing.

Week 3 and surrounding hair is becoming soft, silky and thickening out again.

Week 5 and her skin and hair is repairing itself.

Week 5 and her skin and hair is repairing itself.









Bella's wounds begin to heal...

Bella’s wounds begin to heal…

All fresh new hair grows back....

All fresh new hair grows back….

Head held high as her interest in life returns..

Bella’s interest in life returns…


Bella’s Incredible Ear Healing:

Bella's ears BEFORE administering Natural Pet Vitality.

Bella’s ears BEFORE administering Natural Pet Vitality.

Week 4, Bella's ears have almost healed completely for the first time in her life.

Week 4, Bella’s ears have almost healed completely for the first time in her life.

Week 6: Bella's ears are back to new again!

Week 6: Bella’s ears are back to new again!








And Let’s Take a Look At Her Paws!!! – WOW What A Transformation!

Bella's Paws Before Natural Pet Vitality and Raw Food Diet.

Bella’s Paws Before Natural Pet Vitality and Raw Food Diet.

3 months on Natural pet Vitality and Raw food diet, Bella's hair grew back on her paws!

3 months on Natural pet Vitality and Raw food diet, Bella’s hair grew back on her paws!








Bella’s owner was delighted & wrote to us with this update:

“Bella’s interest in life came back and not only did she regain her vitality, but she regained her dignity again.

“Her hair grew back and her toxic stench disappeared, her sense of smell returned and she enjoyed doing simple things like going for a walk and smelling the grass and air again.”

“I can’t thank Canine Angel enough for providing us with the important education and for giving us the best ever Christmas with our lovely girl looking and feeling so much happier and healthier!”

Bella’s Owner- Midlands UK

It gave us all so much joy to see Bella regain her health and natural vitality and get to see another christmas with her owners. I think that is what touches me about this case so much, just hearing that Bella enjoyed going for her walks again and lifting her nose up to smell the air again, gave me a sense of joy & peace which I will never forget.

I went to visit Bella when she had been through our program for 6 months and it was so lovely to see her. What a different dog!  I think the pictures below speak a thousand words and it just goes to show what providing a dog with the correct nutrition can do to turn things around..

Bella Transformation picture


“Thank-You Bella, from the bottom of my heart for allowing us to share your story”

Bella’s final wish was that her story be shared far and wide, so if Bella’s story has opened your eyes and inspired you in some way, please share this blog post with other people you know and let her story be a shining example of how natural diets, supplements and therapies can transform your pet’s health and improve their quality of life extensively.

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